Friday, January 28, 2011

Micah's Baptism

This past Sunday was Micah's baptism. Brad and I were both so excited for this special day. We truly believe it's one of the most important days of Micah's life. Truth be told, we do believe that adult baptism is more biblical, but because of the way it is done in our church we were okay with having Micah baptized as an infant. See, in the Christian Reformed Church, which our church is part of, we believe that it is important for parents to bring their children and dedicate them to God. This is done through baptism. The water of baptism is nothing special. It has no saving qualities, nothing miraculous about it. It's just water. Infant baptism is about parents standing in front of the people of their church and saying that they promise to raise their child to know Jesus. Then, the parents ask the church for their support in that journey. I always love baptisms because I take that promise very seriously. Brad and I want to raise Micah to know Jesus and what He did for him. We want Micah to love Jesus and serve Him with his whole heart. But we know that we can't do that on our own. We need the support of our church family. When Micah is old enough he will attend Kingdom Kids, where he will hear stories from the Bible and other people will have an opportunity to show him God's love. We hope that he will one day attend Cadets and youth group where he will learn how to put his faith in action. We are part of a small group. And we fully expect members of our small group to help us show Micah how to serve God. Other friends from church will also teach him about Jesus and his love for the world. We know that we hold great responsibility in raising Micah, but it also so encouraging to know that we are not alone. We have the love and support of our church family. We know that there will be people praying for us throughout this whole journey as we raise Micah. That's why his baptism was such an important day to us. And we hope that someday in the future Micah will be able to stand in front of those people who promised to love him and support us and he will make his own testimony of faith, saying that because of the love he has been shown, he has accepted Jesus as his Personal Savior. Micah's baptism this past Sunday is a preparation for the future when he will one day make his faith his own. And we are really looking forward to that day!

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