Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Year's Resolution Check-In

Now that February is almost over and most people have given up on their New Year's resolutions, I thought that I would do a little check-in to see how the Kolars are doing so far.

My resolutions were to read 25 books, do my quiet time every day, make a recipe I've never tried for every family party, try something new once a month, and try a new recipe for dinner twice a month. I'll comment on the first two for now and come back in the next day or so to comment on the others. Let's see how I'm doing...

So far, I've read 4 books this year: Choosing to SEE by MaryBeth Chapman, Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella, Another Mother's Life by Rowan Coleman, and That Summer by Sarah Dessen.

I really enjoyed Choosing to SEE. MaryBeth is married to my favorite singer, Steven Curtis Chapman and I was really interested to read this story. I thought it was going to be about how the family is recovering after their four-year-old daughter died. It was largely about that, but it was also about MaryBeth's life before that. I enjoyed the insight into their private life, but I was slightly disappointed in the book as a whole. I just felt like it didn't flow very well. I was expecting to learn more and be inspired in my own walk with God, but I really wasn't. I would still highly recommend this book, though. At the very least, it was a good read.

Mini Shopaholic is the latest book in one of my favorite series. It was an easy read. Very light and fun.

Another Mother's Life was a good book as well. I loved reading how the two different mothers felt like this one event changed the whole course of their lives. It was a very dramatic story, but not too over the top. I enjoyed reading it.

I was actually a bit disappointed with That Summer. I've always enjoyed Sarah Dessen, but I felt like this book didn't have much of a plot. I kept waiting for the storyline to pick up, but it never did. It was an easy read, but if this was my first experience with Sarah Dessen I don't think I'd read any more.

Okay, how's quiet time going? Well, it's up and down. I joined a Beth Moore Bible study at my church. That has been great. I've always loved the Beth Moore studies. They really get me in the Word and thinking about my own walk. I always feel encouraged and challenged. I especially love the time to talk with other women and see how God is using the study in their own lives. Plus, the homework forces me to spend time with God during the week, too. Some weeks are better than others, but somehow I always manage to get my homework done (sometimes I'm doing 3 days worth on Sunday night!). Up until this week, that was pretty much the only way I was spending my quiet time, but this week I've picked up journaling again. I've always loved journaling and am looking forward to spending that time with God again. Hopefully I'll be able to be more consistent with that.

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