Thursday, February 16, 2012

Celebrating Valentine's Day

I am a huge fan of all holidays. Even Hallmark holidays. I love any reason for a celebration. My high school youth pastor wrote a great blog entry about hating on Valentine’s Day. You should read it. I agree with him, love should be celebrated. And just because Hallmark is telling me when to celebrate it doesn’t mean I should automatically not celebrate it on that day. For that reason, I like to “make a big deal” out of Valentine’s Day. No, Brad and I don’t do a big, extravagant dinner out and presents, but we do acknowledge the day. And our love for each other.

But this year I was really excited to include Micah on the celebration. He’s still not old enough to understand the day, but he’s old enough to do fun things. And there’s few things I love more than watching him just have fun. So, that’s what I tried to make the day about: celebrating our love as a family and having fun together.

Really, for us, Valentine’s Day started on Monday. I was a little late, but that’s when I finally had time to make some projects with Micah. Brad was home in the morning so before Micah’s bath, we stripped him down to his diaper and decided to do some fingerpainting. I’ve been wanting to fingerpaint with Micah for quite some time, but I’ve been worried about handling the mess by myself. I was really grateful to have Brad there for the first time so I could see how Micah would handle it. Because, in reality, it wasn’t fingerpainting, it was whole body painting. The ulterior motive to fingerpainting was that I wanted to get Micah’s footprints and turn them into hearts. I used them to make cards for the grandparents. Micah loved painting. He had so much fun running his finger along the paper and seeing the colors (much more gratifying than coloring with crayons as he still doesn’t press hard enough to get some real bright colors showing up). He did great with letting us paint his feet, too. And afterwards, he jumped in the shower (his favorite!) with Daddy and got to watch the water change color as he got clean.

After nap, I put Micah in the high chair for another craft. This time, I needed to trace his hand to make a card for Daddy. Micah wasn’t too keen on me tracing his hand so it didn’t turn out super great, but I know that Brad still appreciates the thought. Of course, I had to keep Micah entertained while I finished the card, so he played with stickers. He is all about the stickers right now. When he sees us pull out some stickers, he goes nuts! He starts to shake his hands and get so excited. It’s so adorable!

We ended the day by baking and decorating sugar cookies. Micah’s always such a good helper when it comes to baking. He likes to pull out all my pans and then all of my wooden spoons and beaters. He loves banging them together. When the cookies cooled, I gave him one frosted cookie and a thing of sprinkles to let him “decorate.” Once he realized what the sprinkles were he really wanted to help! But I let him eat his cookie instead. Whew! What a busy day! And just for fun, I let Micah have a bubble bath before bed. He loves playing in the water!

Brad had to work on Valentine’s Day so he took me and Micah out to breakfast. I think Micah’s favorite meal is breakfast so he loved eating out! Then, when we got home, we exchanged gifts. We got Micah a new board book as well as a sticker book. Brad also bought him a little plush Brobee. Brobee is from this ridiculous show that Micah loves, Yo Gabba Gabba. Seriously, stupidest show ever, but Micah loves it. Brad and Micah got me two gift certificates to get my nails done and a box of mint meltaways (one of my favorite candies!). Micah bought Daddy a box of one o his favorite teas. And I made Brad a memory book. It’s called “The ABCs of Us.” For each letter of the alphabet it has a memory from our relationship. I found the idea on

After Brad went to work, I spent the afternoon with Micah. We colored and played with stickers. Then, we snuggled on the couch and watched Cars. I usually don’t let Micah watch a lot of TV but when he’s not feeling well we’ll sit on the couch together. We’ve watched a lot of Cars and Toy Story. He literally went into our DVD drawer and pulled out the Cars case and got super excited. How could I say no to that? All in all, it was a great day!

That actually does not conclude our Valentine’s festivities, but it does conclude this post. I’ll write more later about what we did on Wednesday.

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