Monday, March 26, 2012


Last week I bought Micah a rain coat and rainboots. There's something about having a little boy that screams mud puddles to me. So, while I'm not really a person who would enjoy playing out in the rain, I know that Micah will. Well, lucky us, we had an opportunity the very next day to play in the rain (and even luckier for me--Daddy was home so I didn't even have to go out in the rain!). So, we grabbed Micah and put his new rainboots on him. All he knew was that he was going to go outside, and he was super excited. By time he and Daddy made it outside, though, the rain had stopped.

Oh well, we had the water table outside from earlier in the week and Micah wanted to play in that a bit. Then, Daddy decided to take him for a little walk to find some puddles to jump in. After teaching him how to jump in a puddle they came back and Brad decided he needed to make a puddle for him because there just weren't any good ones. So, he brought out the hose. Micah was super excited for the hose! Seriously, this kid loves anything that has to do with water! It took about two minutes before he grabbed the hose out of Brad's hand and started playing with it himself. He had so much fun, and how lucky were we that the weather was warm enough for him to get drenched! I predict many more days full of outside and water for this little boy!

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