Thursday, November 11, 2010

The New Normal

Today Micah is 11 days old. He has been home for over a week and we're still trying to figure out what normal is going to be like from now on. It seems like it changes every day. One day he's wide awake during the middle of the day, the next he sleeps practically the whole day. We're learning to just roll with the punches, because that's all we really can do.

So, what's life been like since Micah came home? Well, he had his first doctor's appointment on Friday. When he came home from the hospital, Micah weighed 6lbs. 15oz. At his appointment, he weighed 7lbs. 3oz. This was a huge relief for me because I just had no way of knowing if Micah was getting enough milk or not. This definitely confirmed that he is a healthy eater! He has another appointment this afternoon. I'm eager to see how much he weighs now!

The first two nights home were long, but Brad wasn't working so we worked together and survived. Ever since then, Micah has been a great sleeper at night. We actually have to wake him every night for his middle of the night feeding. I know, many of you are saying, "You never wake a sleeping baby!" but he's still so young that we have to make sure he eats at least every 4 hours. We're really hoping at our appointment today, the pediatrician says it's okay to let him sleep and wake himself when he's hungry. He sleeps a lot during the day, too, but usually has a good awake time of about 4 hours or so.

Micah's had many visitors, including all of his grandparents and aunts and uncles and even some friends. His cousins loved holding him for the first time and just admiring how little he is. On Wednesday, Micah even went to his first restaurant with Mommy and her small group friends. He slept the entire time! He really is a good baby and we're adjusting quite well to this little bundle that has completely turned our lives upside down!

Welcome home, Micah!

He wasn't too fond of his first bath, but I'm sure with time he will love them just as much as Mommy does!

Being weighed at the pediatrician's office--he did not like having to be naked!

My sister is taking some newborn shots of him. Here's a sneak peek.

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