Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The holidays typically cause people to reminisce. So does having a baby. I am no exception. I've been thinking a lot lately about the past year. It has been incredible, gone nothing like what I thought. But I wouldn't change it for the world. For me, it all started about a year ago.

The school year got off to a bad start right from the beginning. By November things were just really going downhill. I had a problem with some of the parents and my principal was being a jerk. I couldn't do anything right by his thinking. In addition, things with my job at the church were getting very busy. I wasn't getting into a service regularly and it was really starting to pay its toll on my spiritual life. I really felt like Satan was attacking me and I had no defense because I wasn't going to church. So, Brad and I started talking and praying and we decided that I should resign from my job at the church. It was a very hard decision because I loved working with the kids and it really was my dream job. But I felt like I needed to do something in order to pick up my sword and fight for my spiritual life back.

January was the first time in months that Brad and I were able to sit through all four services in the month. It was wonderful and I immediately felt renewed and refreshed. It was also about that time that Brad and I decided to go to an infertility doctor. We had been trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully for a year so we decided it was time to find out why it wasn't happening. We started testing.

In the beginning of February, Brad and I took a workshop at our church about our finances. We learned a lot from the workshop about how to budget and get out of debt. We were also given tools for preparing to live as a one-income family. Also, we found out that there was no medical reason for our infertility. The doctor wanted to start me on clomid once my next cycle started. Last, things at school were getting worse than ever. My principal was so unsupportive and was just a jerk. After a little while, Brad and I decided that I should not continue working there. I knew that I was a good teacher and I could not continue working for a boss who did not believe in me. So, I turned in my letter of resignation.

At the end of February, I suddenly realized that I was late and decided to take a pregnancy test. I took it one morning before school. I can remember not wearing my glasses and swearing I wasn't going to check it until after I had brushed my teeth, washed my face, etc. As I was putting the test down I thought I saw something, which had never happened to me before so I decided to peek. I clearly saw two pink lines and started yelling to Brad (who was sleeping in bed still), "There's two pink lines! There's two pink lines! There's never been two pink lines!"

Literally within a few weeks, Brad and I found out there was no reason that we weren't getting pregnant, we learned how to budge off of one income, I quit my job, and we found out I was pregnant. Truly, it was a God thing. We were being prepared for the next step in our lives and we didn't even know it. I quit my job without any idea of what I would do next, at a time when there are very few job openings in the education field. It was a leap of faith. We had no idea what the future held for us, but we knew that this was what God wanted us to do. And a couple of weeks later, we found out I was pregnant. I was now able to stay home with our child, something we'd always wanted me to do.

It all started a year ago. To look back is just amazing to me. I wish that I could really put into words just how awesome it has been to see God working in our lives this past year. There is no doubt that he has been at work and we are so blessed to have received such a precious gift in our beautiful son. To look back is awesome, I cannot wait to see what God has in store for our future!

And now I will close with a picture of our little dream come true!

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