Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What Do You Do All Day?

I often get asked, "What do you do all day?" Especially by my mom. The truth is, I don't know. Often, at the beginning of the day I will wake up and think, "Today is going to be such a long day!" Especially on the days when Brad has to work. But then it's 9:00 before I know it and the day is over! I think I spend a lot of time just starting at Micah. I am so in love with him, I can't help it. It seems like every day I discover something new about him. Like last night, he was looking at me and cooing. It was the cutest thing. Brad says it's totally obvious that he loves me. And I'm okay with that. More than okay, really. Anyway, for those that are curious, I'm going to try to write down what I do as best I can.

Micah typically wakes up between 7 and 8. I feed him and eat my "first" breakfast (a S'More pop tart). He usually falls back asleep after this feeding, unless we have somewhere to go (Thursdays we go to BSF and every other Friday we go to MOPS). I typically go back to sleep, too (hey, they say sleep when the baby sleeps!). He wakes up again around 10 or so for another feeding. After this he usually is awake for a while. We play for a little while in the bedroom. He loves looking at our ceiling fan. Every other day, I give him a bath. He loves taking baths! Then, we make our way downstairs where I eat a quick "second" breakfast. He usually sits in his bouncy seat for a little while. Just yesterday he discovered the things that hang down. He doesn't reach for them, but he just stares at them now. At some point he wants out of his seat and I wear him in a moby wrap that I made. I turn on some music and we try to work on whatever I have to accomplish for the day (usually cleaning the kitchen, going through the mail, folding some laundry). Sometimes he falls asleep while I'm wearing him, but I've yet to manage taking him out and not waking him. He eats again around 2:00 and can usually nap after this feeding. If we're going to go out, it's usually around this time. I try to get out of the house at least once a day, whether it's to the library, Target, or to visit my mom. Typically, he takes a pretty good nap at this time and doesn't eat again until 6:00. Then, we play for a little while more, but he's usually tired and will sleep for a couple hours. He gets his last feeding between 9 and 10. I feed him in our room with the lights dimmed so that he knows it's night time. When he's done eating, Brad wraps him up and puts him in the bassinet. He'll usually fall asleep on his own, but sometimes Brad walks around with him to get him to sleep. Then, he'll sleep until about 4:00 in the morning when he wakes up to eat again and falls right back asleep to start the day over.

Of course, no two days truly looks like this. Every day is different. Some days he's awake for most of the day, other days he sleeps all day. I try to get stuff done when he's sleeping so that I'm not worried about the bathroom being dirty or the laundry not being folded. When he's awake, I try to focus on him. We play on his playmat, sing songs, I tickle him. I love our time together. Seriously, the days just fly by and I'm not always sure what I really got accomplished, but I know that any time that I get to spend with my little boy is time that I wouldn't trade for the world!

Our smiley baby.

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  1. Miss you girly! Those infant days manage to fly by even though nothing HUGE happens all day. Enjoy it!