Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Woman After God's Own Heart Part 2

I'm going to go into a little more detail about what I read over the course of the next few posts (well,, they may be interrupted with more Micah posts). This book has seriously changed my life and I am really looking forward at seeing how it continues to make an impact on my home and family life. I guess the natural way for me to split up my "review" is how she has split up the book. I will talk about the top 3 (maybe 4) priorities in our lives: 1)God 2)Husband 3)Child(ren) 4)Home.

Obviously, God should be top priority in our lives, above all else. She stressed the importance of having daily time with Him. This is not something that is new to me. Ever since I was in high school, I have heard of the importance of spending daily quiet time with God. However, she stressed how important it is as the woman of the household because I set the tone. My children will feed off of me and my attitude. They will emulate me. So, if I'm not setting an example of spending time with God every day they won't see the importance of it in their own lives.

The author recommends starting your day with God. As the mother of a baby, I find that very hard. I never know when Micah is going to wake up for the morning. However, I have to agree with her. Since I do still usually wake up with Micah I have started doing my quiet time as soon as he goes down for his morning nap. It may not be first thing in the morning, but it's still pretty early in the day. And, boy, does it make a difference! If I don't spend that time with God first thing, chances are I will forget later. And I almost always end up having a bad attitude about the day. I get easily frustrated with Micah. I'm tired. I get upset with Brad for not helping. It's one of those days where I get very nitpicky about everything. So, I'm learning how important it is for me to do my quiet time every morning.

The author also suggests having a special place where you spend your time. And preparing that place with supplies you will need (a Bible, pencil, highlighter, worship CD, journal, etc.). My place is on my bed. It's comfortable and private. I'm working on expanding my time because I find that I fall into the same rut. I read a passage in the Bible, but that's probably what I struggle with the most (at least right now). I just don't give it the time that I know I should. I spend more time with a devotional book. Which is not wrong in and of itself, but I know that I need to spend more time directly in the Word. I have a degree in Bible, I should know how to read the Bible on my own! But I get stuck and allow myself to glaze over it as if I've read the same story 100 times. This is definitely something I'm trying to work on. During my quiet time, I also have a journal. The journal serves a different purpose depending on how I feel. Sometimes it's a place for me to write down my prayers for other people, sometimes it's a place to keep an account of what is going on, and other times it's a place for me to just write out what I want to say to God. It's my place to cry out to him, to seek wisdom and guidance, to ask for forgiveness, to praise him and thank him.

I've been pretty consistent with this time with God for 2 weeks now (I've waivered with consistency for the past 2 years or so), and I can tell you it makes a world of difference! My whole attitude is different. And my relationships are better. It's just like she says.

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