Friday, November 18, 2011

Preparing for Christmas

What's on your Christmas to-do list this year?

I swore to myself that this year I would be on top of things for Christmas. I was going to buy presents all year long so that it didn't hit us all at once. I'd get our Christmas cards ordered early. I'd gather recipes that I want to try. Bake cookies and freeze them so that I'm not baking 5 different cookies in one day.

I can't say that I'm off to a bad start. It's not even Thanksgiving yet. But I definitely did not buy Christmas presents all year long. The problem with that is knowing exactly who you have to buy for (something that seems to change for us every year). And what they want. Or you have to know them well enough to be able to just buy something without suggestions. I have to be honest I am not confident enough to buy for at least half of the people on our list without some suggestions. Which usually means I can't shop until after Thanksgiving. I'm ordering our Christmas cards this weekend. A little bit later than I'd like, but not terrible. The problem is choosing ones that I like. I prefer to make our cards, but I also like them to be pictures. I just haven't seen anything that I'm in love with and want to copy. So, I'm stuck shuffling through all of the pictures sights choosing the one that looks the least like everyone else's while also not costing me an arm and a leg.

I have some recipes I want to try. And my plan is to start baking cookies next weekend. So, I'm not off to a terrible start.

What about you? What's on your to-do list for Christmas? How are you making progress on that list?

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