Monday, January 23, 2012

Preparing for Overnights

This past week Brad had to work 5 overnights in a row. This is the first time he's had to do this and neither of us was very happy about it. I was especially dreading it because Micah had not been sleeping well lately. Plus, I tend to get anxious when I'm home by myself at night. As always, the time leading up to it was worse than the actual time, but I always manage to get myself worked up. Because Brad knew how much I was dreading it, he put together a really sweet package for me.

Each night Brad would "tuck me in" to bed and we would read together before he left. The first night we walked upstairs there was an overnight bag sitting on the bed. Inside was everything Brad thought I would need to get through the nights. He included:
*a hot water bottle to keep the bed warm
*Micah's play hammer to use as stress relief if Micah gave me trouble
*one of Brad's hoodies so that I could smell him in the bed
*a real hammer for protection
*a box of candy to open each night in case I get hungry in the middle of the night
*some smelly stuff (candles and pillow mist)
*People magazine for mindless reading for distraction
*a notepad because I just love notepads
*a card to open each night.

It was such a thoughtful gift and really gave me something to look forward to each night before I went to sleep. That Brad, he sure is a thoughtful guy!

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