Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Super Dad

Father's Day has come and gone, but this is the first opportunity I've had to blog and I really didn't want to miss a chance to brag about the wonderful dad that Micah and Judah have.

Seriously, Brad is a natural.  He is so good with both of our boys.  Brad loves playing with Micah.  For months, Brad had been talking about wanting Micah to do swim lessons.  I just didn't think it was going to work out, though--how could I get in the pool with Micah while I have a newborn baby?  And Brad's work schedule changes all the time, there's no way he could commit to any kind of regular activity.  Then, the week Judah was born, Brad was offered a regular position.  This means a regular schedule.  One of the first things he did once he found out his new schedule was look up swim lessons.  He told me that the one thing he really wanted to do this summer was take Micah to swim lessons.  And that's what he did.  This week and next he and Micah are taking swim lessons together.  Brad wakes up excited every morning, eager to get Micah in his swim suit and head out to the pool.  And they come home, and he wants to tell me all about what they did.

That's just one example of how much Brad enjoys spending time with our boys.  He truly wants to.  It's hard for him to leave for work every day because it means having to say goodbye.  Brad is like another one of the kids sometimes.  He loves teaching Micah new things.  Things only a dad can teach a son.  Like how to jump in mud puddles, that it is absolutely necessary to carry a stick when you go on a walk, how to pick up bugs, how to wrestle, how to make all kinds of different noises, and the list goes on.  He has so much fun just being a boy with Micah.

He's so good with Judah, too.  He loves to just hold him and look at him.  He sits on the couch with Judah in his lap and talks to him all the time.  He's so good at getting him to laugh.  Just like with Micah, he has no problem getting up with Judah.  He'll change his diaper and bring him in to me.  If Judah doesn't go right to sleep, Brad will walk with him for a little while, cuddling him.  I love watching Brad with his sons.  He's so loving.

But, most importantly, Brad is teaching them how to be men of God.  In the mornings, when Brad and Micah have breakfast together Brad talks to Micah about God.  They pray together and Brad tries to make a connection between God and Micah's day (i.e. "we're going to cousin Joey's birthday party today...what a blessing God gave us in cousin Joey).  When Brad puts Micah to bed, they read the Bible together.  He is setting an example because he knows that even at 1 year old these habits are important and Micah is watching him and mimicing him all the time.  Brad leads by example when he treats me with respect and shows Micah how to do the same.  But it's not just in front of the boys that Brad is doing this.  Brad prays for the boys, too.  He knows that he cannot be a good father without guidance from God.  He knows that he needs God's strength daily and he asks for it.  He truly is a father who seeks God's heart and wants to guide his sons to do the same.  I am so thankful that he is my husband and the father of our children.

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