Wednesday, September 5, 2012

4 months

I can't believe my little baby is 4 months old already!  He's definitely not a newborn anymore!  He's awake a lot more during the day now and he's more interested in what is going on around him.  He is always so entertained by his big brother and is perfectly happy just tagging along.  Not a lot happened as far as milestones this month, but it was a very busy month for us!

* Judah had his first overnight trip.  We went to Key Lime Cove with Boompa and Oma.  It was a Father's Day present for Daddy and Boompa.  Judah didn't really get to enjoy the water, but he did hang out with Oma poolside quite a bit--and amazingly he slept a lot, too!

* Judah spent a lot of time with his cousins this month--on both sides.  He went to the Children's Museum and Jump Zone with Kylie, Abbie, and Lilie.  And he went to another Children's Museum with Elanor and Joey (and Daddy's cousins Gavin and Carter who were in town).

* We had a picnic at the Children's Garden.  It was a beautiful day and Judah was perfectly content just hanging out.

*We had a special family day at Morton Arboretum.  I wore Judah most of the time and he did great just hanging out, he even fell asleep for a while.  We loved it so much that we ended up buying a membership.

*We went to Blackberry Farm with Miss Mina and Ian.  Judah got to go on a train ride and a tractor ride.  It was a little warm, but he did great!

*We had a couple playdates with kids his age.  They still don't interact much with each other, but it's neat to know he'll have friends to play with as he grows up.

*Judah discovered his toes this month.  He's constantly grabbing them and examining them or bringing them to his mouth.  Micah loves helping him eat his toes--he even shows him how to do it sometimes.

*Judah's coordination is improving quite a bit.  He now grabs the rings on his bouncy seat and tries to grab the toys on his play gym.

*He's still not a fan of tummy time, but if Micah is there with him anything is better!

*Judah went to his first parade.  Manhattan had a labor day parade and Judah sat through the entire thing.

*Judah has his first cold.  It's  being passed around the family currently.  He has some congestion and a cough.  I think his throat is bothering him, too, because he hasn't been eating a lot lately.  But that just means more snuggles for Mommy. :)

Hanging out at Key Lime Cove.

Chilling at the park.



All the cousins ready for bed.

Hanging out with Boompa at Key Lime Cove.


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