Monday, October 1, 2012

A Month of Focusing on God

In July, Brad was reading the book of Daniel in his Bible.  He read about how Daniel refused to eat the king's food and actually was healthier than the other men (read it in Daniel 1).  He felt convicted and remembered hearing about the Daniel Fast.  He thought about it for a few days and really felt like that was something he needed to do.  So, for the month of August he fasted.  Basically, he couldn't eat any processed food.  Which can be really hard to do!  Some people thought he was crazy and they were worried about how radical it seems, but the truth is it's actually a very healthy diet--it's eating the way we really all should be eating.  However, Brad wasn't doing it for dietary purposes.  He was doing it for spiritual purposes, the nutritional benefits were just an added bonus!

He really enjoyed the fast and loved eating new foods and learning how good food can be without any artificial sweeteners or preservatives. 

Then, during the month of September I just kept feeling convicted about my personal spiritual life.  I just felt off focus.  Sure, I was going to a Bible study and attending church.  But my life just wasn't focused.  I knew that I wasn't doing what I should.  I knew that I was being lazy and not making God a priority in my life.  Brad and I talked about it several times and we both agreed that something needed to change.

Ideas started to come to us.  We could do a media fast.  Join a small group together.  De-clutter our house (it's amazing how a cluttered house leaks into other areas of your life).  So many good ideas we didn't know where to start!  As we talked about it more and more, I knew that I wanted to do the Daniel Fast as well.  So, we decided to make a month of it!

The month of October we are going to re-focus our lives.  We are hoping to put God first and make him a part of everything that we do.  The way we'll be doing this is by making 30 little changes this month.  I'm hoping to blog about each change and how things are going.

Our first change is the Daniel Fast.  We're kicking the month off with the Fast in order to help us focus.  The purpose of the Fast is to rely on God and his provisions.  It's a great reminder to pray throughout the day, too, so we thought it would be a great way to kick off the month.

Stop by this month to find out how things are going with us, and don't be afraid to ask if you see us.  We are really excited for all that God has in store for us this month!

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