Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 8 and 9: Clean out the kids' wardrobes

Cleaning out Micah and Judah's closets is so much more fun than cleaning out my own.  I love looking through their clothes.  I get rid of much less clothes, but that's because they're still in good condition and if we have another boy he most definitely will wear them (and since my boys are six months apart I have both summer and winter clothes in just about every size).  So, this was more about putting away the warm weather clothes and taking inventory of what cool weather clothes they have.

Judah has just moved out of size 3-6 month clothes and is moving into 6-9/6-12 month clothes.  So, I had to do a complete overhaul of his wardrobe.  I love when it's time to switch clothes (actually, I hate it because it means my little boy is getting bigger!) because it's like buying all kinds of new clothes without spending the money.  Surprisingly, there were a good amount of winter clothes for Judah.  And since I put my boys in short sleeves all year long (with long sleeves underneath when its' really cold) he has a lot of tops.  Plus, I kind of forgot that I had already bought him a few new things.  Just because he's the second born doesn't mean he shouldn't get any new clothes!  In the end, I am only donating a handful of his clothes.  Just a few items that I honestly don't care for that much and, thus, rarely put him in. 

Micah is currently between a size 18-24 month and 2T.  It's hard to say because he really fits both.  So, I mainly pulled out all of his shorts and obviously summer outfits.  Fortunately, Micah wears a lot of T-shirts that are good all year long.  However, I did discover that he is seriously lacking in the pants and pajamas department.  Guess that means Mama's gotta go shopping! 

I already explained why we're doing this task this month when we sorted through my and Brad's wardrobes.  I will be honest, my boys have more clothes than most.  It's hard for me to pass up a good deal.  And my boys are so cute that when I find a shirt that puts it perfectly (such as "Certified Hunk") I just have to buy it.  So, I guess this task has made me a little more aware of what my boys have.  And it serves as a good reminder that it's okay to pass on the adorable shirt at the store that lets the whole wold know "This is what handsome looks like."

I mean, they don't need a shirt to tell you that, right?

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