Thursday, December 20, 2012

Another Advent Activity

Brad and I have been trying so hard to make this time of year special for our boys.  We have been filling our days with lots of fun activities and reading new books.  We are trying to start new traditions as well as continue old ones.  One new tradition that we have started this year is a different kind of advent calendar.  It's from the ebook Truth in the Tinsel.

The ebook goes through each day of advent.  For every day there is a Bible passage to read and a craft to make that goes along with the passage.  There is also an extension activity that you can do each day, but most of them are a little too old for Micah.  We haven't been completely faithful with the crafts because of busyness, but we have tried our best each day.  Micah has even begun asking for "Bible" because we read the passage from the Bible before making the craft. 

This has been a really great way for us to focus on the real meaning of Christmas and daily tell Micah the story of Jesus' birth.  In the midst of the craziness of the season it has been a good reminder for us to slow down and really focus on what is most important.  You should check out the website for more information.  Be sure to look for some coupon codes online too because there are several!

I haven't taken many picture of Micah making the crafts, but here's a few:

Making a sunshine because Jesus is the light of the world.
Making the stable.

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