Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The First Present of Christmas

There are a lot of Christmas traditions that I love, but there is one that definitely sticks out for me.  I don't remember when it started, but I know that it wasn't always a tradition for us.  Many people get pajamas to open on Christmas Eve, but I especially love this tradition because my mom makes them.

I always look forward to Christmas Eve night when we get to open our pajamas from my mom.  When I lived with my parents, we would get home from my Grandma's and just wait for Mom to give us our boxes.  I loved the anticipation.  My mom loves picking out the perfect fabric for each of us.  Sometimes we all have matching pajamas and sometimes they're different.  Sometimes they reflect a certain holiday or a special event from the past year.  And sometimes they're just cute.  The year Micah was born, my pajamas were made out of the same material that my mom had used to make his baby quilt.  Several years my pants haven't fit me.  One year they were HUGE--I think they could have fit two of me in them!  A couple times I've had to give mine to my sister because they were too small for me.  I have literally cried about that before because I so much look forward to my new pajamas.

I am so glad that I get to continue this tradition with my boys.  Even though we don't see my parents on Christmas Eve anymore, my mom gives us all our pajamas and when we get home from our Christmas Eve celebration we sit down and open them.  I love that we get a nice, new, warm pair of pajama pants to wear for Christmas morning.  And I'm learning how to make pajama pants myself (all of my boys got homemade Cars pajamas this year--not as good quality as my mom's, but I'm getting there!) so that they will grow up sharing in my favorite Christmas tradition.

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