Monday, February 4, 2013

9 Months

I know I say this all the time, but is my baby really nine months old already?  It's so hard to believe that nine months ago he was just an itty bitty baby.  He's come a long way!  This has been a HUGE month for him, he's learned so much.  I can't put him down and expect him to be in the same spot anymore.  He's always chasing after his brother and wants whatever he has (especially his cars and trains!).  People always tell me he's such a content baby.  I love when they tell me that because, honestly, I don't usually see it.  I know he's a good baby and he's pretty easy going, but he cries way more than Micah did (which really isn't saying a lot).  Judah knows what he wants and he wants it NOW.  And if he's not happy he will let you know.  But he's also very happy just people watching.  He really likes to be around other people.  He's much more of a cuddler than Micah ever was.  Often I can pick him up and he'll just put his head on my shoulder or he crawls up to us and wants us to just hold him.  That never happened with Micah!  I love seeing how the boys' different personalities develop as they get older.  Here are some of Judah's milestones from his ninth month:

  *He learned to wave "bye-bye."  He does it all the time.  It's the cutest thing ever.  You just tell him
    to wave bye-bye and he does it.  I love it!

  *His first tooth finally popped through!  It was a rough couple of nights before it came, but it's here
    and now we're working on the second one.

  *He full on crawls now.  He is getting all over the place!

  *He pulls himself up on everything.  He loves to stand and play with things, he thinks the world is
    so much more fun higher up. ;)

  *He went to his first story time at the library.  He went to Micah's story time, but he still had a lot of
    fun.  I can't wait to take him to his own story time, I love doing this with Micah and look forward
    to it with Judah.

  *We saw the Huskie dogs at the Arboretum.  Just like his big brother, Judah loves being outside so
    he really enjoyed this outing.  I'm very excited for warmer weather and watching them both play

  *He has been fighting something for a little while now and was finally put on amoxicillin as a
   preventative.  After a couple days we figured out he's allergic to it.  That was a rough couple of
   nights, let me tell you!  But he's back to his normal self now.

  *We brought the baby pool inside the house one day so the boys could play and Judah loved it!
    I'm not surprised because he's enjoying his baths more and more. 

That's my little boy.  He's seriously changing so much!

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  1. I say it all the time, he looks just like Brad. I thought Micah was Brad's clone but now I know it's Judah. Your son looks so different than I ever imagined. I'm not sure, but I think I expected a mini you. His personality, like Micah, is very much like yours, but looks, it's all Brad! He makes us smile.