Tuesday, March 5, 2013

10 Months

This was a rough month.  It seems like someone was sick every day this month.  That made for a lot of time inside.  Poor Judah had both influenza and the stomach flu.  He's also dealing with some nasty eczema that is pretty much all over his body.  He's been handling the sickness pretty well, though.  He likes to cuddle when he doesn't feel good, which I love!  He gets a bit whiny, too, which can be hard to deal with, but you take the good with the bad.  With all of the time spent at home this month Judah has really started turning into a big boy.  He pulls himself up on everything and is even beginning to stand on his own (not quite there yet, but he's trying!).  He's into everything and loves playing with his toys.  Wherever big brother is, he wants to be, but he also enjoys his time alone.  Not much highlights from this month, but here they are:

  *Judah got his second tooth.  He bites down on everything now--mostly our fingers--and it hurts!

  *He weighed 20lbs 11oz at his doctor's appointment.  Not sure what his height was, though, we forgot to have the nurse write it down and I never heard what she said.

  *He celebrated his first Valentine's Day.  Mommy and Micah had BSF that morning and Daddy had to work that night so after his morning nap, Judah and Daddy met us at Giordanno's for some heart-shaped pizza (a tradition of ours).  

  *He had his first sleepover at Mimi's house.  We spent Saturday at the Museum of Science and Industry, then he went home with Mimi and Micah.  She said he did great.  We were happy for a night away, but were even happier to return home to our boys!

  *He started saying "mamamama"  He says it all the time now.  He's a little chatterbox, always has something to say.

  *He went on his first train ride to Oak Lawn Children's Museum.  He had such a fun time looking around at everything.  His favorite was hearing his voice echo in the train station.

Fingerpainting on a "sick day."

Happy Valentine's Day from Judah!

Eating dinner.

Hanging on to his train ticket.

Doesn't he look like he doesn't feel good?  Poor baby!

Watching the Irish Fest Parade from our front window--he loved it!

Playing at the Children's Museum.

Waiting for the train with Mommy.

Being silly with Daddy while waiting for the train.

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