Tuesday, April 16, 2013

11 Months

I know I'm a bit late with this post, but Judah is still 11 months old so it's not irrelevant. ;)  March was kind of a slow month for us.  The weather was still pretty yucky.  We even got our biggest snowfall this month!  Judah was still stick for a good portion of the month.  I know he can't wait for the warmer weather, either! 

Climbing up the stairs
It amazes me because when Micah was 11 months old I would look at him and see a toddler already.  When I look at Judah he's still such a baby.  But I love it.  Judah has a bit of a temper, but he's still a pretty content kid.  He likes to join in whatever you're doing, but he's also content to just sit still and watch for a while.  He's a very snuggly baby.  It melts my heart whenever he puts his head down on my shoulder.  He's a climber, too.  If I'm laying on the ground, playing with the boys he always crawls over to me, growls and then starts to attack me.  It's hysterical because he just comes at me.  And if I'm in his way he'll just climb right over me.  Micah has still never climbed out of his crib.  I'm convinced Judah will do it before he's two.  Judah loves to eat.  There's not many foods that he's tried that he doesn't like.  He pretty much eats whatever we're eating now.  If we are eating something, he will whine and let you know he wants some.  And if you give him something different than what you're eating he'll let you know he's not happy about it.  He's a little stingy with his smiles and laughs, but when he laughs it's the cutest laugh in the world!  He just belly laughs, I love it.  And the person who is best at making him laugh is his big brother.  Judah thinks Micah hung the moon.  I cannot wait for them to be a little bit older and see how they play and interact together--one of the benefits of having boys so close in age.  Here are some other highlights from Judah's month:

  *Judah went sledding for the first time.  I thought he would enjoy it more than he actually did.  He didn't seem to care one way or another.

Trying to get a picture of the boy Kolar cousins on St. Patrick's Day
  *Judah went to the Oak Forest Fleadh Parade.  It was pretty cold, but he did great sitting there and watching it all.

  *Judah learned how to stand on his own.  He's been cruising all over the house, but now he just stands there.  I know walking isn't too far behind!

  *We took a little trip to Wisconsin to celebrate Judah's cousin's first birthday.  He did great on the ride up there, not so much on the ride home.  He was overtired and just not happy.  He was very good at the party, though, and loved playing with his cousins!

  *We celebrated Judah's first Easter.  I already wrote a post about how we've decided to celebrate Easter.  Judah had a great time at Oma and Boompa's house and he especially loves his new sippy cup!

That's it.  A pretty low-key month.  I can't believe the next time I update about Judah he will be a year old!  My baby boy is growing up way too fast!  But I'm really looking forward to him being a toddler this summer and playing outside and going to the beach, etc.  It'll be so much fun!

Judah loves spaghetti just as much as his brother!
He loves getting into the refrigerator!

Playing in a box--who needs toys?
Whoa!  Judah's hair is getting long!

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