Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Reflections on Two

A year ago today we thought Judah was going to be joining our family.  It was as if I had never been in labor before.  I made Brad take the day off of work and everything.  We did end up at the hospital but came home after a couple hours.  Judah just wasn't ready yet.

With his birthday just a few days away I've been reflecting a lot on the past year.  I'm going to save my reflections about Judah for another post.  But I have been thinking about life with two. 

Specifically life with two under two years old.  I got pregnant with Judah when Micah was just nine months old.  It was planned that way.  We've always wanted a big family and I have always wanted my children close in age.  I love seeing a mom at the park trying to corral four little kids.  Call me crazy, but I wanted to be that mom. 

At 10 months old, Micah seemed like a little boy already, not a baby, and I was so eager to have a baby again.  When people found out I was pregnant I got a lot of comments like, "You'll have your hands full," "you're going to be very busy," and even "did you plan it that way?"  I knew I'd have my hands full and time to myself would be non-existent, but I was still so excited.

And, honestly, being pregnant with a toddler was so much harder than actually having a baby and a toddler!  I was so exhausted with Judah and Micah was so busy.  He was into everything, always on the run.  He was just learning how to walk and he loved exploring new things.  I just didn't have the energy to play with him the way that I used to.  Micah's personality didn't change once I had Judah.  He still loves to explore things and he is always on the run, but I'm used to it now. 

Juggling two was not a hard transition for me.  Micah adjusted very quickly.  There were no jealousy issues.  I contribute a lot of that to having a very supportive husband who would get home from work and immediately take Micah outside to play.  Judah just fit into our lives seamlessly.  At home, we developed a routine that worked for us.  In the beginning, I may have relied on TV a little more than I would have liked, but everyone got what they needed.  Judah has always been a party of our playtime at home.  As a newborn, he sat in the bouncy seat while Micah and I played cars or colored.  If we went outside, Judah was in the stroller or I was wearing him.  Micah has always loved picking out a toy for Judah to play with so that he doesn't steal any of Micah's. :)  Sleep has been a bit difficult, but that really has nothing to do with having two children.  It has to do with Judah still waking several times a night and us just not wanting to take the time to break him of the habit.  He'll sleep through the night when he's ready.  For Micah, it didn't happen until the week we brought Judah home.

Going out has been a bit of a struggle.  At first, it was easy because Judah slept in his carrier or I wore him and Micah sat nicely in the grocery cart.  It has gotten a bit more difficult as Judah now wants to be included in the outing more and Micah prefers to walk and "help" Mommy.  I admit, I avoid going to the store with both of them by myself as much as I can.  I also don't enjoy taking them fun places by myself.  Now that they can go in their own directions it's a little harder to corral them.  But if I'm with other people (including friends and their kids) the work is worth it!  And we're getting to the stage where Micah really is becoming a help--or at least he's listening to me more so I can trust him when we we're out. 

So, yes, my hands are pretty full.  And my life is very busy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I love having two young boys.  I love that they will grow up together and (hopefully!) be best friends.  I love that they will always have each other.  I love that each new stage is not too far from our memory because we just left it with Micah.  I love having a busy life.  Two little boys who like to get dirty and splash in any kind of water they can find.  Two little boys who climb up into my lap whenever I'm holding a book.  Two little boys who look up to me with wide eyes full of love and affection.  Two little boys to cuddle and hold and kiss at night.  Yep, this is the life I dreamed of, and I couldn't be happier.

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