Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Happiest Place on Earth Part 4

By Friday, it was evident that everyone was ready to go home.  Our check-out was 10am so we didn't have a lot of time, but luckily we were prepared ahead of time.  We wanted to stop at Downtown Disney because we hadn't done any shopping and there was two souvenirs we knew we wanted to buy.  Micah started the day off great, but as were at Downtown Disney it was obvious that he was getting very tired.  So, we cut our shopping trip short and got in the van to head to Chattanooga.  But Micah was miserable.  I think it was a combination of being tired and having sore feet.  He just could not get comfortable and ended up crying most of the 8 hour trip.  He wasn't whiny, just sad and there wasn't anything we could do for him.  When we got to our hotel in Chattanooga he was happy to stretch his legs and he got some medicine.

Saturday morning was not looking good.  I thought for sure Micah was going to be sick and we were seriously not looking forward to our next drive.  We gave Micah some Tylenol right away and he actually did really well in the car!  I think he had a bad sore throat and the medicine really helped him to feel better.

On our way to Louisville we stopped in Nashville to visit my sister again.  We were supposed to visit Rock City in Chattanooga, but since Micah was not feeling well we skipped it.  We had lunch with my sister and headed to our hotel in Louisville.  Once we got there we immediately went to the pool.

Sunday morning we went to Louisville Zoo.  Micah was really excited to see the animals, especially since he didn't get to see them all at Animal Kingdom like he thought.  He did so well walking around the zoo and it was a great last opportunity to get out and stretch before our drive home.

That's the end of our trip.  It was definitely a busy 9 days, but we all had a lot of fun.  And now we're all ready to get back to normal!  Stay tuned for some future blog posts with some tips that I learned while on our vacation!

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