Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Happiest Place on Earth Part 3

Disney World is not the only thing we did in Orlando.  We knew that Disney would be a bit overwhelming for the boys so we still wanted to do something, but a little more low key.  We decided to go to SeaWorld because Micah loves fish.  We knew he would enjoy it.  As soon as we got there, we headed for the dolphin show.  It was an amazing show!  Very stimulating.  The boys both really enjoyed it.  Then, we walked over to the indoor aquarium.  This was probably Micah's favorite part.  We walked over to the Shamu show, too.  Brad and I were both really looking forward to it, but both of the boys had other plans.  The show wasn't as stimulating and we ended up leaving after about 3/4 of the show.  It was obvious that the boys were hot and tired and we needed to head home. 

Once we got home from SeaWorld, we put the boys down for a nap.  Then, we spent some time in the pool.  It was nice to just hang out together and a great way to spend our last night in Orlando.

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