Saturday, April 30, 2011

6 Months

I cannot believe my baby is 6 months old! He truly is the light of our lives. His personality is really starting to come out, and it is a great personality! Micah loves to smile at everything--he rarely cries or fusses. He's also a busy body. He's just like his mom and loves to be in the middle of everything and he wants it all. Micah can be very focused, but if he has the choice between three toys he wants all three of them RIGHT. NOW. However, he can play with the same toy for 30 minutes. He's constantly examining them, turing them around in his hands and popping them in his mouth. Speaking of his mouth, everything's going in there right now! That is definitely his favorite way to explore right now. If you hold him, it'll take about 2 seconds before he tries to stick your hand in his mouth. He's also drooling buckets. Seriously, it's gross. He's going through at least 3 bibs a day. He's better get those bottom teeth soon or I'm going to buy stock in bibs! So, what's new with Micah this month? I'm glad you asked!

*He had his first vegetable: sweet potatoes. He LOVED them. We steamed a sweet potato and gave it to him in strips and let him eat it himself. Not a lot made it into his mouth, but it was obvius that he liked them. He had them a couple more times that week, including once at my mom's on Easter. He's also had white potatoes and steamed broccoli. He wasn't sure about the broccoli's texture, but he didn't complain.

*Speaking of eating, we've started feeding Micah table food. We much prefer it to purees. He can have a little bit of whatever we're eating. He loves feeding himself. But because of his stomach problems I want to make sure that he's getting some food in his stomach, so we still give him some pureed fruit in the morning (sticking to those "p" fruits that are good for constipation!). However, he's really started fighting that and really wants to feed himself--he's pretty good with a spoon! I'm hoping that we'll be able to move exclusivey to baby led weaning this month and not have to worry about the constipation.

*Micah rolled back to tummy. He's done it a couple times, but he's still not really interested. He's definitely not rolling as a means to get to things. Instead, he scoots on his back.

*Micah had his first trip to Chicago. We went to the Garfield Park Conservatory to get pictures taken by MckMama. He loved looking at all of the beautiful flowers and did great for the pictures. Afterwards, we went to Ed Debevic's for lunch. He really enjoyed looking around at the restaurant and observing everything that was going on.

*We celebrated Micah's first Easter. He loved opening his Easter basket from Mommy and Daddy. But more about Easter later.

Well, I guess that's it for this month. Here are some pictures of Micah's sixth month:

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  1. Love the collage! And he is soooo cute! Seeing how much he grows each month makes me realize that I need to see him more. :)