Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby Einsteins

We really don't like to let Micah watch TV (that's probably pretty obvious based on the fact that we ourselves barely watch TV). I never have it on during the day and when we're somewhere and they have it on we try to take him into another room. I could go on about why, but that's for another post. Anyway, every now and then we will let him watch a Baby Einstein video. Typically, we put these in before bed to help him wind down (this happens maybe a couple of times a month). The videos are basically a bunch of pictures/videos of kids' toys in actions set to some classical music. For example, it might have a little train set that just goes around and around the track for 30 seconds, then it switches to a wind up car that goes. Extremely boring for an adult. But entertaining/calming for a child (don't ask--I seriously don't get it). Brad and I bought Micah the Lullaby DVD for Easter. Last night, Micah was all wound up and fighting sleep so Brad decided to take him downstairs and watch the new DVD with him (I should also mention that we always sit with him and watch the videos...therefore he only gets about 10 minutes at a time because that's about all we can handle!). Here's what Micah looked like at the beginning of the movie:

Tired. Calm. Sitting nicely with Daddy.

While they were watching the video, I was in the scrapbook room on the computer. All of a sudden I heard Micah squealing. After about a minute, I went into the front room to find out what was going on and this is what I saw:

Little Man was loving the video! He was laughing and talking to the toys/animals. So much for putting him to sleep!

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