Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July

Okay, I know I'm a bit late. I've tried to write a post about the 4th of July several times, but I kept getting interrupted. That's what happens when Little Man takes short naps.

Anyway, Micah's first 4th was full of family, fun, food, and fireworks (the 4 F's of the Fourth). For the past five years, Brad and I have planned a 4th of July BBQ. Originally, it was at my parents' house, then when we moved to our house we started hosting it at our house. As is pretty typical for our parties, we invite a lot of people and only 4 or 5 come. But that's okay because we love hosting get togethers, doesn't matter how many people come! This year, we found out Brad's oldest brother (who lives in Wisconsin) would be in town for the 4th so we decided to have a little family BBQ since none of our friends could make it. So, Brad's brothers and their significant others, his mom, my mom, my sisters and nieces all came over for a good-old fashioned BBQ. We ate lots of food, played some bags, and enjoyed each other's company. Later in the afternoon, our friends Victor and Jessica, ended up joining us for the 2nd year. Micah had a great time with everyone. When he wasn't napping (which he did for two hours while everyone was here!), he spent most of his time outside, playing with his cousins, aunts, and uncles. He was in Heaven.

Family left around 7:00 and we talked with Vic and Jess for a while, put Micah down for a nap. Then, we woke Micah up and all headed out to watch the fireworks. It was a great firework show. Very family friendly and beautiful, not too loud, which is what I hate about fireworks. Micah did great with the fireworks, wasn't scared at all. He sat in Daddy's lap for the first 5-10 minutes, just staring up at the sky. Then, he got antsy and started to crawl all over me and Brad. Guess fireworks weren't that exciting.

We were worried about waking Micah up for the fireworks, but he did great. I fed him when we got back home and he went right back to bed. All in all, a great day spent together with family and good friends. A great way to celebrate this great country that we live in, and a wonderful way to spend such a beautiful day.

Lilie and I were twinkies!

Watching the fireworks with Daddy.

Happy 4th of July!

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