Thursday, June 30, 2011

8 Months

This was a very busy month for Micah. Not because we went a lot of places (which we did), but because Micah learned so much this month! He's like a different kid now. A mobile kid. We joke that we left for OBX with one child and came home with a completely different child because ever since we've been home he's just been surprising us with all that he can do. Even though he's much more mobile now and loves to be busy, he's still our cuddly little boy. He loves to give kisses and will generally let you cuddle with him for at least a little while. He always smiles, too. He can be in the middle of throwing a fit (another new thing he's learned) and still crack a smile. I just love that about him! Well, here's Micah's eighth month:

*He went to Brookfield Zoo with Daddy, Mommy, and Grammy. Any time he gets to spend outside he's happy!

*He went to the Cavalcade of Planes at Clow Airport. It was really hot and he had no idea that we were supposed to be looking at airplanes, but he still had a good time people watching.

*Micah had his first experience at a splash pad and loved it. Doesn't surprise me, this boy is seriously part fish!

*He got his first cold this month. For a little over a week he had a runny nose and was just very clingy. We were hoping it meant his teeth were finally popping through, but they didn't. Seriously, this kid is going to graduate college with a gummy smile!

*Micah made a new friend at our LaLeche meeting and we went to Lake Katherine together. She also met us at Hibernia Park for another playdate.

*Micah is no longer the youngest Kolar grandchild. His baby cousin, Joey, was born on June 15th. Micah got to meet Joey for the first time this past weekend. He seriously couldn't have cared less, even when Joey peed on his head.

*Micah learned how to drink from a cup. We've been giving him a cup with all of his solid meals, but one day he just tilted his head back and actually started drinking.

*Micah spent his first Father's Day with Mommy and Daddy at Navy Pier and walked along the lakefront. It was a beautiful day spent with our little family.

*We took a road trip to Grand Rapids to spend some time with Mommy's college roommates. Micah was very good on the car ride to and from GR. He also had a really fun time playing with his little friend, Noah. He especially loved going to the beach and splashing in the water. Of course.

*Micah learned how to pull himself up. He's been using me and Brad to assist him for a while, but one day I walked into his room and he was standing up in his bed. Time to lower the crib!

*At the beginning of the month, Micah started rolling all over the place! You would put him down, walk away for 10 seconds, and find him in a completely different spot. He would roll halfway across the room. It's like one day it just clicked.

*He has also started crawling. It started with him just getting up on all fours, then moved to him rocking back and forth, then he started pulling himself forward with his hands, and now he has started to use his feet to push himself. He'll give us one or two crawls and then he falls onto his belly. Any day now he will be zooming all over the house! Good thing Brad baby-proofed while we were in GR!

*We went to another splash pad and park/zoo with some very good friends of ours. Micah had a great time splashing in the water with Daddy!

I think that's it for this month. He has been quite the busy little guy! That's pretty obvious even by the pictures we took of him for this month. It was nearly impossible to get him to sit still so that I could take his picture this afternoon. This kid is really going to keep us on our toes!

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