Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Part 2

I couldn't honestly let Father's Day go by without posting something about Micah's daddy. But I had to give him his day yesterday and allow him to blog. So, this is Father's Day Part 2.

Micah is truly blessed to have such a loving, caring dad. When Brad and I were dating I knew that he would be good kids. He just didn't know it yet. Kids kind of come with the territory if you marry me. Brad was there when each of my three nieces were born and he loved them right away as if they were his nieces. He has always held them, fed them, played with them. He's not ashamed to get down on the floor with them and play Barbies or bake cupcakes. Then, I was hired as the preschool director for children's ministry at our church. I jokingly told the interview committee that if they hired me they'd actually be getting two employees for the price of one. They thought I was kidding. I wasn't. From day one, Brad was there not only to help me set up on Sunday mornings, but he jumped right in and took care of the three, four, and five-year-olds. He says that at first his goal was just to keep everyone alive, then it changed to making sure everyone had a good time, then it changed to making sure they were learning something. Those kids really did learn something from "Mr. Brad." They still come up to him at church and high five him or tryy to tell him stories. It's because they know that he cares. He listens to them and makes them feel important. My favorite is this one little boy who was very shy. He would not talk to anyone. He would never cry when his parents dropped him off, but it was obvious that he wanted to stay with Mom and Dad. Brad quickly took him under his wing. Each Sunday he would be there, waiting for him at the door, ready with a bouncy ball. Sometimes he would spend the better part of an hour just rolling the ball back and forth with the little boy. Some days he could get him to play trucks. But the best was one Sunday morning when the little boy looked at Brad, put his little hand in his, and said something to Brad. I don't remember what it was, but I know it meant a lot to Brad because he was just beaming the rest of the day.

By time we found out I was pregnant Brad was like an old pro with kids. I knew he would be an amazing dad. And I was so right. When Micah was born, Brad was just bawling. He couldn't contain himself because he was so full of love for his little boy. The little boy that he read stories to every night while I was pregnant. The little boy who he prayed for every day. I don't think Brad put Micah down for the first two weeks, unless it was to pass him on to someone else or to give him to me. He just couldn't stop staring at Micah. Sometimes I would wake up and find Brad holding Micah, just looking at him. It was the sweetest thing. Brad has always been more than willing to take the night shift with Micah. He says sometimes it's the only time he gets with him. He can't stand to hear him cry, either. He wants to do whatever he can to make sure Micah is always happy. And boy does Brad know how to make him happy! It's like they have their own language sometimes. Micah is constantly cracking up at something Brad is doing or a funny voice he's making. Micah's face just lights up when Brad walks into the room because he knows that Daddy is there and Daddy will play with him. Brad showers Micah with kisses and is constantly telling him that he loves him. Every morning he brings Micah to me to feed him and kisses him on the forehead and says, "Good morning, handsome."

But even more than that is Brad's love for Micah. I know that Brad prays for Micah every day. And he prays with him. Brad is determined to teach Micah how to be a gentleman. And how to be a man that chases after God and serves him with his whole heart. He still opens the door for me and tells Micah that's what gentlemen do. He reads the Bible to Micah every night before bed. He leads by his example. I love watching Brad with Micah, it's like a little piece of Heaven that God has allowed me to witness here on Earth. Micah is so blessed to have such an amazing Daddy, and I am blessed to have such an amazing husband.

Happy 1st Father's Day, Brad. Micah and I love you!

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