Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm a Thief

In college I took a lot of education course. Haha. I sure hope I did since I wanted to be a teacher! No, but really, in my first education course I learned a very valuable lesson.

All good teachers are excellent thieves.

Yep, it's true. A good teacher doesn't make up her own projects, design her own worksheets, create her own lesson plans. Nope. She steals them. And modifies them. As a teacher, I never started from scratch. I had websites that I scoured, looking for ideas for each lesson that I would be teaching. I would find something I liked and say, "That's good, but this part won't work with my students." So, I would change it. I used what would work and changed what wouldn't. Often the finished product looked nothing like what I was copying from, but the original helped to get me started. And I know that other teachers took things from me and changed them to fit their students. That's how it works when you're a teacher. We're always collaborating, always sharing.

I take the same approach in pretty much every area of my life. People think I'm creative. They are so wrong! I don't think I have a creative bone in my body. But I do know how to copy! You like my Christmas cards? Oh, well, thank you, I saw them on Shutterfly and tweaked it to something that is more "us." You think my shower gift was so cute? Thanks, I read about someone doing something similar for a different occasion and I thought I could do it for you. I'm a really good thief. I trick people into thinking I'm creative. Heh, heh, heh.

Just like this Father's Day card I made for Brad this year:

My mom sent me to this blog for some other ideas and I saw this card on there. I knew I had to make it for Brad. It's so fitting. I'm actually hesitant to tell you about this blog because there are several other ideas that I plan on stealing in the near future. Now you will know my secret. And not think I am so original. Or creative. But, oh well. Maybe you will forget.


  1. Oooh, looks like you've sent me to another blog that I should be keeping up with! :) But don't worry, if you do something that looks familiar, I won't tell your secret! :) Or you'll just change it so much that I won't even know you started with something else! And that card is so cute, awesome job!

  2. Your secret is out...thanks for being inspired by my blog! Love your flip flop!!!!


  3. I remember that class, Amanda ("Good teachers steal!")! Regardless of what you say, though, I DO think you're creative! It still takes creativity to modify something, and it even takes a few artistic bones just to make a good COPY of something artsy!