Saturday, June 4, 2011

My Outside Boy

Micah loves being outside. It's so obvious, even though he's only 7 months old. He never cries when we're outside. He's always looking around at everything and laughing. He's happy to be an observer, he doesn't need to be involved in whatever is going on, watching is just fine for him (he gets that from his dad because his mom wants to be part of everything!).

When I was little I always wanted an older brother. I dreamed of having someone to look out for me. Someone who would protect me and stand up for me. Since I never had that I always said that I wanted to have a little boy first so that my little girl(s) could have what I didn't. However, once we fount out I was pregnant I wanted a girl. I had three nieces and I knew girls. Girls were fun. They were girly. I could play Barbies with a girl. Or put little flowers and big headbands in her hair. I could dress a little girl up in cute skirts. I had visions of baking cookies with my little girl, like I do with my nieces. There are so many "things" for little girls. I just didn't want to miss out on any of that.

When we found out I was pregnant with a boy we were shocked. It actually took me a little while to get over it. I had to change my thinking. Instead of hairbows and headbands my life would be filled with bow ties and hats. Instead of Barbies I'd have to play with fire engines and trucks. Instead of baking cookies, I'd be baking mudpies. Nice, relaxing bubble baths? Forget it, he'd be splashing all over the place! I knew that my life had suddenly turned way more active.

Now that Micah is here, I'm so glad to have my little boy. The one that future girls will look up to to protect them and guide them. And, I was right, he is a very active boy. Seriously, just this week his activity level has probably tripled...and he's not even crawling yet! I can see already that he is going to be an outside boy. My summers are going to be spent outside in the backyard, digging in the dirt, splashing in the pool, riding bikes, playing "Tag," and searching for bugs. And I'm okay with that because I wouldn't trade those moments for anything. I look forward to getting dirt in my fingernails because of the time I will spend playing with my son. And someday, hopefully, I will also get the chance to play Barbies again (I hope so because I miss Barbie!) and do makeovers, but for now I'm perfectly happy with trips to an airport just so that my 7 month old can be outside.

These pictures were taken today at the Cavalcade of Planes at Clow International Airport. Awesome event. I'm sure Micah is going to love going there when he's a bit older!

And these were taken at Brookfield Zoo, where we went on Wednesday with Grammy. It was a beautiful day and Micah loved seeing all the animals. But he enjoyed people watching even more!

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