Friday, April 20, 2012

Micah's New Room

When we I was pregnant with Micah we had a blast creating his nursery. We wanted to do gender neutral, even though we knew we were having a boy, and Brad was so good about painting all those stripes! However, we knew that when baby #2 came (whenever that was!) Micah would be moved into a new room and the new baby would get the nursery. So, when we found out I was pregnant again we started planning Micah's "big boy" room. It was difficult coming up with a "theme" for the room as we wanted it to be boyish, but not over the top. Finally we decided on what we call a "western" theme. We liked the color scheme (red and blue) and what we could do with it (some stars, horseshoes, Brad wanted to get a steamer trunk, etc.). I don't know if others feel like it's "western," but that's what was in our heads as we started it.

It's taken us a long time to finish, but we were finally able to move Micah into his new room this week. We were worried about how he would transition, but he has done great. The only issue we think we're having is this room is a lot darker than his nursery. I think when he wakes up in the middle of the night he can't see and gets a little scared and cries. So, we're going to buy a night light this weekend and hopefully that will help him. He already knows it's his room. When we tell him to go to his room that's where he goes. And even before we moved him in there when we tell him to put his paci in his crib he would walk over to the new crib and put it in there (adorable the first time he did it!). So, he caught on real quick that this was his new room, and we think he likes it!

Micah's new crib with the letters that Daddy painted for him. Brad's still looking for a steamer trunk to put next to the crib to hold Micah's toys.

We bought new blinds for the window and I made this curtain (with Oma's help).

His new dresser and diaper changing station. We're going to put some shelves above the dresser eventually.

The bookcase I made from a pin on pinterest. We're trying to find a basket to hold his toys and some more books. We also have some horseshoes that Brad found in our garage that we're going to try to hang (that or some wall art with Micah 6:8 on it).

The wall across from Micah's crib. We might put up some more decorations, but we're just not sure yet.

Like I said, not completely done, but definitely livable. All in all, we think it turned out pretty well, and Micah seems to enjoy it!

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