Thursday, July 5, 2012

2 Months

I cannot believe that my baby is already two months old!  He's not a newborn anymore.  He is definitely a big boy.  At his one month check-up (which was actually more like 6 weeks) he weighed 12lbs. 3.5 oz. and he was 23 inches long.  I can't wait to see what he is at his next appointment!

Here are some highlights from Judah's second month of life:
  *Judah went strawberry picking with Oma, Micah, and Mommy
  *He's been to both the Tinley Park and Orland Park pools, but slept through our entire visits there. 
  *He started to smile this month and now he does it all the time!  He really is a smiley boy, especially when Daddy talks to him.
  *Judah is also starting to coo.  It is the most adorable sound.  I forgot how those first little baby coos sound, but I just fall in love with him all over again every time he does it!
  *Like his brother, Judah was diagnosed with silent reflux.  He's taking Zantac for it, but we're still trying to get the right dosage.
  *This past Sunday, Judah was baptized.  He did great, barely even flinched when the water was put on his head.  He slept through most of his party, too.
  *Judah's first major holiday (4th of July) has come and gone.  He really wanted to celebrate so he  made sure to stay awake all day long!  We had a little BBQ at our house and he just loved being around all the people.  He did great at the fireworks, too.  Never cried.
  *Judah loves his big brother.  Micah often tries to climb in the bouncy seat with him and Judah just loves it.  He always smiles when he hears his big brother, too.  I know they're going to be best buds!

Sleeping through a trip to the pool.

A little brotherly love.

Judah's baptism

Smiling for Mommy

Strawberry picking.

He knows to be worried when Micah's holding him!

Hanging out in the bouncy.

Judah's first Fourth of July

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