Monday, July 2, 2012

Judah's Baptism

In honor of Judah's baptism yesterday, I want to say a prayer for him.

Dear God,
Thank you so much for the wonderful blessing you have given us in Judah Samuel.  We praise you for the miracle of his life.  We pray that you would give us the knowledge and wisdom that we need to raise him.  Show us how to lead him down the path that you have prepared for him.  Give us the strength to instill in him the characteristics of a man after your own heart. 

Give Judah a heart for you.  Draw him close to you so that he asks you to be the ruler of his life at an early age.  Give him a burning passion for you, a desire to be close to you.  And give him a heart for your people.  Help him grow up to be a man who loves you and your people.  Someone who others can count on, who is trustworthy and has integrity.  Let him be a man of prayer, to know that he can turn to you in all circumstances.  Let him be someone that brings others before you in prayer, someone who people know they can count on to life them up when they need you most. 

Make Judah an honorable man.  Prepare him for what you have planned for him.  And show me and Brad how best to raise him.  How to love him and support him in the way that he needs.  Put other people in his life, too, who will show him what it means to love and serve you.  Give him people that he can turn to to life him up when he is weak or needs support, encouragement, or guidance.

Again, we praise you, Lord, for the wonderful blessing you gave us.  Thank you for entrusting him to us.


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