Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 21: Finish a project and Day 22: No TV for a week

Day 21 was another finish a project day.  I actually loved these days because stuff that needed to be done was finally getting done!  Brad's project was to organize the extra wires and cords.  You know, the camera cord, the iPod charger, the cord that you have no idea what it's for, but you're still saving it.  If you're like me you have all of these cords in one drawer and when you need one it's a big, tangled mess.  Well, I found this pin on pinterest and loved it.  So, Brad organized all of the cords for us.  Now, when we need a cord, it's nice and neat and easy to get!

My task was to organize the medicine cabinet.  Seriously, our medicine cabinet was getting out of control.  It was just a mess of pill bottles and in desperate need of some organization.  Once again, I turned to trusty pinterest and found this pin.  I bought two containers from Target and separated our medicine into two categories: preventative (vitamins mostly along with Tums and allergy medicine) and pain relief (tylenol, motrin, etc.).  The containers didn't fit into our cabinet so we did a little re-arranging when we cleaned out the kitchen (that's to come in a future post) and now they're in a different cabinet.  But it's working out great so far!

Day 22 our task was no TV for a week.  We've done this before because we felt like the TV was starting to affect Micah.  But this time it was really for everyone.  Admittedly, I got into a bad habit of letting Micah watch too much TV so that I could feed Judah or put him down for a nap.  Then, when the boys were in bed, Brad and I would veg out on the couch and watch TV for hours.  It was ridiculous.  We should have been using our time better.  Spending quality time with each other by playing games or just talking.  Many nights we go to bed and end up staying up at least another hour because we're just trying to touch base with each other.  Then, we complain about not getting to bed at a good time.  So, I tried to be really strict about keeping the TV off.  So, Brad put it downstairs in the basement for the week.  I have to be honest, we hardly missed it!  Micah did ask a couple times to "watch Boo" but then he looked at the empty space where the TV should be and went off to do something else.

We had a great week without the TV.  We went to the library and read lots of books.  We played with Micah's new train set (a LOT!).  We jumped in puddles outside and made some crafts.  Brad and I got a lot done, too.  It was a really nice week.  And I learned how to better occupy Micah while taking care of Judah.  Sometimes it was hard, but for the most part it was a pretty smooth week.  Now that the TV is back, we are really limiting Micah's TV time.  He gets to watch one show when he wakes up in the morning and one when he gets up from his nap.  It can take him a while to really wake up sometimes and he needs that slower transition.  But other than that we're encouraging a lot more play around here, and Mommy's planning a lot more crafts!  I love it because it's really quality time with my boys, which was a major goal of this month.


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