Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 23: Participate in Not a Fan study and Day 24: Make a prayer picture book for Micah

For the past four weeks, our church has been participating in a church-wide study.  Through weekly small groups, Sunday sermons, daily devotional e-mails, and a weekly blog post we are reading the Not a Fan book.  When Brad and I first heard about this study we thought it was "nice," but we just didn't have time to participate.  Brad's work hours make it difficult for us to make any kind of regular commitment, plus we really hate being away from the boys on a regular basis.  So, I signed up for the weekly e-mails and called it good enough.  But a week before we started our month of re-focusing (which just happened to be the week that we really started talking about it) we watched a trailer for the study at church.  Both of us were gripped.  It seemed like this study correlated so perfectly with what we were trying to do in October.  We talked about it and decided that we could commit for six weeks.  It was obvious to me that this was something God wanted us to do as part of our month of activities.  So, even though we started the study at the beginning of the month, our task for Day 23 was to participate in Not a Fan at church.  I have to say, we loving the movie and small group discussion.  For me, personally, it has been like a punch in the gut sometimes.  God is using this study to speak to me in so many different ways.  Brad and I are both reading the book as well, but we're a bit behind.  I'm guessing that when we do truly sit down and read the book it will hit us in a new way and be the push we need to keep up all that we have learned through this challenge.

Day 24 my task was to make a prayer picture book for Micah.  A while ago I found this pin on pinterest and thought it would be great to make someday.  Micah has become more and more interested in praying for people so I thought now was the perfect time to make it.  So, I ordered some pictures of friends and family through Shutterfly and printed others off the internet of our church or organizations that we support.  I'm still working on getting them into an album, but it's definitely a work in progress, and one I'm sure we'll be using with Micah for a long time.

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