Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 29: Prayer walk at the arboretum and Day 30: Finish home management binder

Day 29 was Brad's idea.  He decided early on that we should go for a prayer walk at the arboretum.  We visited the arboretum for the first time in August and loved it so much we bought a membership.  We've been looking for a chance to go back so this was perfect.  It was a bit chilly, but we bundled the boys up and set out for a nice family walk.  As we walked, Brad prayed aloud.  He told Micah what we were doing and why it was so important, then one by one he prayed for different people in our lives.  He encouraged Micah, too, to thank God for his friends and family.  We ended with a prayer for our own family.  We prayed that God would reveal himself to us and continue to lead us and show us what he wants us to do.  We prayed for the boys.  That they would grow up to love him with all of their hearts and that they would have a passion for his Word and his people.  It was a great experience, made all the better by being outside and surrounded by such beautiful creation.  I'm so glad we have this membership so that we can continue to enjoy God's creation in this way.

Day 30 was our last day (we ended a day early because of Micah's birthday and Halloween).  I finally finished my home management binder.  I finished filling in all of the paperwork and organized it in a binder.  I still have to make a cover for it, but it's definitely useable.  This is still an ongoing project, however.  As we use it more we will discover parts we need or don't need.  I will adjust it to fit what we want.  But I'm proud of the work it is right now and I'm eager to really start using it!

Well, that's it.  All of the tasks that we did for the month of October.  I'll write up a reflection soon because there was so much to process and I can't wait to share with you!

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