Friday, November 30, 2012

November Theme: Transportation

As a former teacher, I truly believe that the most important education takes place in the home.  The foundation we parents set is setting our children up for the rest of their educational experience.  Brad and I have no idea where our boys will go to school when the time comes.  They might go to the public school.  Or maybe a Christian school.  Or montessori.  Or maybe we'll homeschool.  All options are open to us right now.  But one thing we do know is that Micah's education starts at home and it starts now.

So, every month I choose a theme and choose some activities that center around that theme to do with Micah.  Throw in a few letter, number, shape, and color activities and we do at least one "educational" activity a day.  Our theme for November was transportation.  Micah loved this theme.  It's no surprise because he has been all about his cars and trains lately (which is actually the reason why I picked that theme).  Here's a little round-up of some of the activities we did this month. 

We sorted his cars by color.
We made a shape school bus.
Brad made a road to play cars on.
We practiced colors and painted with cardboard tubes.
We played cars using the letters of his name as the road.

We read lots of books about different types of cars and watched a lot of Thomas (a new favorite!).  This was definitely an easy month and Micah had so much fun.  Share your favorite transportation activities, too!

Daddy drew a town on the mirror and they played cars.  Micah loved this one!  He played for days.

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